F15 ARC Fusion Splicer

F15 Core Alignment Fusion Fusion Splicer

Core Alignment Fusion Splicer Designed for both FTTH and Outside Plant

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Fusion Splicer Trade In

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Trade In Your Old Splicer For A New FORC Splicer

Check The Chart Below To See What Your Trade Is Worth

Fujikura Trade-in Value
(US Models Only)

  • FSM30S -$1000
  • FSM-40-$1200
  • FSM-50-1,300
  • FSM-60-$1500
Fitel Trade-in Value

  • S177A-$800
  • S176-$1000
  • S175-$1000
  • S178-$1600
Sumitomo Trade-in Value

  • T39-$900
  • Q101- $1600
World's Newest Compact Rugged Core Alignment Fusion Splicer Core Alignment Splicing with DACAS (Digital Core Alignment System)
  • Dual batteries 5200m Ah per kit -up to 400 Cycles
  • 3 Bright LED Lights for Dark Environments
  • Fast - Splice and Heat Time
  • 4.3-inch Color LCD Captive Touch Screen
  • Detachable SOC - Holders and Oven Attachment
  • Designed with Rubber Bumpers for Splicer and Screen Protection
  • FORC F7 Automatic Trash Bin Cleaver Standard

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