Splice-on Connectors

Splice-on Connectors

SOCs Styles - LC, SC, ST & FC

Splice on Connectors

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Single & Multi-mode SOCs

$79.50 for pack of 10
Minimum Sale of 50pks

These splice-on connectors are designed to save time and increase productivity without sacrificing quality. These SOCs are pre-cleaved and pre-polished to improve the quality of the termination and reduce installation time required in the field.

Splice-On Connector Benefits

  • No need for polishing and matching gel in the field
  • Protect the splicing point inside of the connector body
  • Easily assemble with One-Touch, Push-Pull System
  • Enhanced high quality with improved optical features (Splice loss & Return loss)
  • Split book structure prevent bending the fiber while inserting the connector into the termination

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