F1 Fusion Splicer

FORC F1 Clad Alignment Fusion Splicer
The F1 Low Profile Splicer is Designed for FTTH
and Outside Plant Applications

Only $3250 With a 3 Year Warranty!

FORC F1 Fusion Splicer Screen On

3 Year Warranty

The FORC F1 is the newest compact, rugged 4 motor Clad alignment splicer on the market. Designed with the user in mind and is perfect for any FTTH and Outside plant application. The small, compact design makes it a perfect splicer for any environment. The FORC F1 is very versatile and accurate active cladding alignment fusion splicer that satisfies every splicing requirement. Slim, yet rugged and extremely light, the budget priced F1 assures users of convenience and high performance. Cutting Edge Technology and Advanced CPU power allow fast 7 second splice time and 13 second heat time.

F1 Fusion Splicer Specifications PDF

FORC F1 Fusion Splicer Features

  • Motor Operation: 4 motors
  • Light 1.1 7 kg rugged and compact design for FTTH and Outside Plant
  • IPMS Clad to Clad Alignment
  • Heat Time Typical 13sec
  • Splice Time Typical 7sec with SM
  • Number of Splice/Heat: Typical 200 cycles
  • Display: 2 AXIS Two CMOS cameras with 4.3-inch color LCD monitor
  • Storage: Data 5,000 | Image 5,000
  • Magnification: X/Y - 11 OX | Max - 220X
  • Li-ion Battery: DC 14.8V, 3400mAh

F1 Fusion Splicer Kit Contents

  • Fusion Splicer | F1
  • High Precision Cleaver | FC-500
  • Fiber Holder | Fixed 250/900um
  • Electrodes | EI-24
  • Instruction Manual | CD
  • Battery Fixed | KF-3400
  • AC Adapter
  • SOC Transfer Tool
  • Plastic Tool Kit
    • Soft Brush
    • Alcohol Dispenser
    • Allen Wrench
    • 3 Hole Stripper
  • Carrying Case
  • Cooling Rack | CG-22
  • HDMI Cable Manual

FORC F1 Fusion Splicer Screen On

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