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Trade In Your Old Fusion Splicer

Trade in your fusion splicer for the newest splicer on the market.

Do you have an older unreliable splicer that always goes down when you need it most? We have the solution - Trade in for the newest fusion splicers on the market.

We'll take your old splicer and put the value towards a new FORC Fiber fusion splicer. We have 3 models to choose from; the F15 Core Alignment Splicer, the F12 Ribbon Splicer and the F1 Clad Alignment Splicer. These splicers have all the features of more expensive splicers but sell for thousands less.

Compare our Core Alignment Fusion Splicer to the Fujikura FSM-70S, the Fitel S179-EX900 and more.

Please call us at 877-287-7535 to see what your splicer is worth or fill out our Request Trade In form.

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FORC F15 Core                                    FORC F1 Clad                               FORC F15 Ribbon

Check The Chart Below To See What Your Trade Is Worth

Trade in For a FORC F15
Fujikura Trade-in Value
(US Models Only)

FSM30S -$1000
Fitel Trade-in Value


Sumitomo Trade-in Value


Trade in For a FORC F12R
Fujikura Trade-in Value
(US Models Only)

T66M12- $1500

Have a Different Splicer?
Call 877-287-7535 and we'll give you a value.

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