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FORC Fiber FTS-12 Thermal Stripper
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FTS-12 Thermal Stripper


FTS-12 is a newly developed hand-held type thermal stripper installed with a heater to strip the jacket of ribbon cables up to 12 fibers. Its small rugged design and light weight makes this convenient to use in any environment.
The FTS-12 Thermal Stripper has a straight line bearing guide with a hot strip method to guarantee that when stripping the fiber it will not damage the fiber core and will easily strip the coating layer.

With these unmatched capabilities, a fast speed and extreme convenience make this the perfect stripper for use in the FTTx field.

Model - FTS-12
  Fiber materials - Quartz glass
Coating materials - UV sclerotic resin
Cores of the fiber and thickness of the coating layer:
Single-core fiber | Fiber coating layer: 0.25-0.4mm | Ribbon fiber with 2 to 12 cores. Ribbon fiber thickness: 0.3-0.4mm
Fiber diameter - 125µm | Stripped coating length - 30mm Max
Heating Time
Normal mode Approx 3 Seconds | Power save mode Approx 5-6 Seconds
Temperature settings
Normal mode: 75c, c,90c,105c, 120c/
Power Save mode: 65c, 80c, 95c, 110c
Applicable Fiber Type Ribbon Fiber holders: FH-2;FH-4;FH-6;FH-8; FH-10;FH-12;
Single Fiber holders: FH-250;FH-900
Power supply Battery drive AC drive : 100-240V, 50/60Hz DC 12V power supply from the fusion splicer
Dimensions - 138(W)X35(D)X34(H)mm
Battery Capacity
Approx. 880 stripping 12 ribbon fiber with fully charged battery
Environment conditions
Temperature: -10°C-+50°C Humidity: 0%--95%

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